Perfect Pitch is an amazing tool that allows our roofers to work with ease on pitched roofs. We use silicone coatings all the time and use Perfect Pitch on every job with a sloped roof. It is an important tool to maintain safe work practices and increase work productivity. This is the ultimate bucket holder for roofers, handymen, painters, solar installers, contractors and anyone else in need of stabilizing their tools, materials, or other equipment while on a pitched roof.
Jonathan Nice, GM

Belmonte's Roofing & Waterproofing, Honolulu, HI

I use Perfect Pitch to carry all my screws, clips, screw guns and other tools around the roof, rather than chasing them around or climbing down to retrieve them. I just throw everything I need into a 5 gallon bucket, clip it onto Perfect Pitch, and I am off and running. It’s amazing how much time this one thing saves me every day. Even on tear offs, I find ways to use it. I like to do side jobs on the weekends for extra money. Before Perfect Pitch, I had to pay another guy to hold the bucket anytime I was working on a pitched roof and needed to be sure nothing fell off, especially any paint or waterproofing.
Once I invested in one Perfect Pitch, the $100+ a day I was paying the helper went away and the unit paid for itself almost immediately!

Jason Parsons

Roofer/Painter, Kona, HI

Most of the work I do in Hawaii is liquid coatings or waterproofing on pitched and flat roofs. Before Perfect Pitch, things were messy….real messy. Nothing infuriates a home-owner or general contractor more than spilling this stuff off a roof onto their car, lawn, or on my boss….yes that happened. Now I use the Perfect Pitch holder for all of my waterproofing jobs no matter what. Even on a flat roof, the wide base makes me aware of where my waterproofing is so I don’t kick it over. I can easily pick up the heavy full bucket by the handle and move the unit from place to place as I work instead of walking all the way back to where my bucket was sitting on a pitched roof as I had to build a temporary brace into the roof so it wouldn’t spill. I recommend this product 100% if you want to save the headache and hassle of spills, whether it’s paint, waterproofing, or any liquid coating.

Dan Butcher

A Cut Above Roofing, Maui, HI